Thursday, July 14, 2011

Explaining the 'ALEC Exposed' Project | Common Dreams

Inside ALEC: The Right-Right Group Funded by Koch Brothers Behind Right-Wing State Laws

Explaining the 'ALEC Exposed' Project | Common Dreams

ALEC Exposed: Starving Public Schools

ALEC Exposed: How Corporations Are Taking Over our Democracy

ALEC Exposed: Sabotaging Healthcare Reform

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  1. Everyone is missing the republican’s dirty little secret that everything they have done and are doing is to implement their long desired small government. Their plan started with intentionally running up the deficit. Everything they have done points to that fact. Two wars (one of which was unnecessary as well as unwarranted) unpaid for. Huge tax cuts unpaid for. Expensive prescription drug plan (not a conservative policy) also not paid for. There are only two reasons to more than double the debt: Its either stupidity or intentional. They are not stupid.

    This set them up to start cutting after screaming the debt is too large. A debt that was just fine while they were creating it. The tea party was part of the plan being set up to start the ball rolling. While taking the heat for the party they continue to starve the government by refusing any new taxes in order to force more cuts. The Ryan budget was their first attempt to privatize Medicaid/Medicare, and guess what? It would have eliminated the above mentioned drug plan. They now also are complaining the average Joe is not paying enough taxes. So you know that part of the Bush tax cuts was for increasing the deficit.

    A shadow group known as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) was behind all the policies of their newly elected governors. Tax cuts for the wealthy were to further damage the economy and union busting policies were to help their chances at next election. Believe me they are desperate to win the election in order to finish slashing the government. They have also stopped any jobs programs because that would help the economy as well as hurt the Dems at election time. I believe this is something that should be put before the American people for discussion. As far as a shadow group setting policy I don’t care for someone running the government that were not voted to do so. I am not the Jack Wade of the Jack Wade show.

    One other thing, water flows downhill, money flows uphill but to circulate them they have to be pumped.