Sunday, February 13, 2011

CPAC 2011: Republicans Court the Wing Nuts

It's another CPAC convention, with the Republican Party and potential GOP candidates courting the wing-nuts of CPAC.  There was some controversy over whether the right-wing gay GOProud should even be allowed in the convention, several of the religious right conservatives couldn't accept such "liberalism" and stayed away.  GOProud was rewarded by listening to one anti-gay speech after another, as the GOP candidates tried to prove how conservative and intolerant they are.

The Tea Party alliance with the Republican Party has not got off to a good start, as the GOP leaders in Congress have backed off or broken almost every pledge they made from cutting $100 billion from the budget (only $32 billion so far), following the U.S. Constitution on every bill, open debate, etc.

Did they Tea Party really think corporate stooges like Boehner and McConnell were really going to support their "revolution"??

Here's some highlights of the wing nut convention:

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